My views and opinions

Does A+ matter?

Your performance in school does not define you as a person – I’ve been an average type of student back when I was in college until now on my specialization. I do not aim to be the star student but I always see to it that I will pass my subject loads. Maybe for some it matters because they are driven by the challenge to compete and excel for some reasons, but for me, what matters most is that I enjoy every single day in school. I mean, we only be in this stage in life and we could not do anything to go back. In short I always seize the day.

Right after school I went home and check my grades, I was expecting that I fail in one subject because I missed two quizzes and so I was right, but it doesn’t meet my expectation. It was too low. That was my lowest grade in my entire life. Somehow, I feel anxious and hate myself more because I let that happen to me. I know I could do better.

I accepted it as a challenge to get a high grade for finals. I must chase it no matter what or else I have to repeat the subject. No, I can’t let that happen. I must strive harder to regain what I have lost. It’s too much pride to handle the situation. This make me driven for the challenge. So not every single day if your inside of your comfort zone your always be safe. Sometimes, you have to get out of it, strive, and do the unusual things to earn that safety.